What to do when Brother Printer say not connected?

What to do when Brother Printer say not connected?

Brother printer offers best quality prints at the minimal cost. It is the most excellent choice for official and other printing purposes. Just like other printer devices, it is also overwhelmed by a common issues. This problem arises when the Brother printer is suddenly gets disconnected with the system and starts displaying Brother Printer not connected or Brother Printer offline error.

What to do when Brother Printer say not connected?

Since you are already here, you will surely get the trouble-free resolutions methods to fix this problem. Check out them from the below sections.

Firstly the question arises, why my Brother Printer is offline?

Brother printers can say they are not connected just like other printer brands. There are various reasons by which this problem crop up. The most common causes for this problem are:

  • Poor USB connectivity issues
  • Faulty hardware problem
  • Obsolete version of the driver
  • Paper jamming issue or paper being fed into the tray in an inappropriate manner
  • Some improper changes in printer settings

With the intention of fixing this issue, you need to continue reading this guide and follow the below stated tricks.

Tips or methods to fix brother printer not connected issue:
  • Check your Brother Printer that it is powered on and not in the sleep mode.
  • Ensure that there is no paper jam or ink toner low/empty error on the LCD screen.
  • Confirm the printer is well connected with the computer and if your printer is wireless, then make sure that both the devices are properly connected over a same wireless network.
  • To check whether your brother printer is set as default or not, simply open printer folders and see for a check mark. If there is a check mark on your printer machine then it is set as default and if no check mark is there, then set it as a default printer by right-clicking on this printer.
  • Sometime the queued print jobs can cause the printer to go offline, so clear out all the printer jobs from the printer as well as from devices window.
  • Make sure in the devices and printers window the status of your brother printer is set as online.
  • If there is another copy of your brother printer is listed in the devices and printers menu, then delete the copied version and then set your printer as default printer.
  • The outdated or non-genuine printer driver software can also causes brother printer to go offline. So, in order to overcome this issue you need use correct printer driver in your brother machine.

Congratulations, after applying above stated methods, you will be able to overcome brother printer says offline error. If in any case you are not able to perform the above steps, then we recommend you to make a call at Brother Printer Offline Number. This number is accessible 24/7 and here. You will get all the information as well as proper resolution of services in time.